Our van is a 2007 Toyota Sienna and David from Mountain Pop Top from the very beginning of our journey has been very helpful and professional. He was hands on and available whenever we had any questions. He did an amazing job on our pop top and we love the result. The pop top took our camper van to another level!

Michelle - San Francisco, CA

David has launched a very cool new company with Mountain Pop Top--- I was thrilled to find him and he did a great job setting up my 2013 Toyota Sienna with a 2/3 width fold-out bed and cabinet. It's remarkably easy to use and creates an excellent bed. The whole philosophy of working with Toyota Siennas and other smaller vans is brilliant... the large Sprinter vans are great if you're going to cut free and live in a van for half a year, but for most of us who just want some extra comfort at a trailhead, or while pulling off long haul road trips to get to that coveted destination, a tricked out minivan is plenty of room and much more practical and friendly on the environment. David's putting together a great line-up of products for making this possible - bringing old-school camper van comfort into the modern era without the hassle of an old VW or the cumbersome and unnecessary scale of a giant Sprinter. I'm super happy with my bed and wish him lots of luck with the business!

John - Chicago, IL

"A Dream Come True"- David @ Mtn. Pop Top is a creative genius in his design and installation, plus he is a really nice guy (and no I am not a relative:)
As my wife told David and everyone else that asks, this van conversion has changed our outlook on our 'pre-tirement'. After having VW popups for 30 years I knew the fun and the hassle of VW's. Now with this Toyota conversion, David really did bring my dream of a pop up on a mechanically dependable vehicle into a reality. I still can't believe it when I look out at it sitting in our driveway (just waiting for the next adventure).

David - Fort Collins, CO

Carol's bed.jpeg

We love our Mountain Pop Top fold out bed!

The bed is comfortable and hangs neatly behind the rear bench seat when not in use, leaving room behind and beneath for camping gear. This enables passenger use of the rear bench seat, and its seatbelts, for every day driving and a bench seat for comfortable indoor lounging when camping.

When the bed is set up there is room under the bed in the rear for gear and under the bed in the front for our cooler, suitcases and a porta potty for nighttime use with the front seats in the forward position.


When it was necessary for us to travel during the pandemic, the bed enabled us to travel safely.  David was easy to work with, very helpful when we had questions and shipped the bed to us quickly and efficiently.

Carol - Ohio